Ok, from said in recent posts... I have been playing for about 5 years now, maybe more IDK... but i have gotten into metal in hte past 2 years or so. I am starting a band and we are slowly getting some where. I have been wanting to learn solo techniques and came upon pick sweeping. I have found tutorials and stuff and tabs for it... i have been practicing every night, doing many excersies, stretching and working my pinky etc...

I can easily say now, I cannot imagine myself learning this. I have no structure or hand positioning. Please help someone.
U mean sweep picking....yea thats a pretty hard technique to learn. I practised it soo much but still cant get it to sound decent enough. I remmember coming across video lessons on sweep picking here on UG. So try searching.
find a pattern, practice slowly at first, then slowly practice faster

next? repeat with new pattern

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Practice, Practice, Practice...you have no idea how many people at my school think they can sweep pick after playing it real fast..

play it very slowly with a metronome and work your way up then repeat..it'll get you the most accurate with your movements.