Has changing strings started to get expensive as you have played more?
Being the dependent child that i am, and with my parents not letting me get a job, i dont rly hav an income to buy strings with. unfortunately....kinda....i play guitar at least 30mins a day, so my strings get worn out pretty quickly. with strings being about 8-10$, this is getting kinda expensive :\ anybody else run into this?
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Yeah, I remember there'd be over a years time playing inbetween string changes.

Between that time, if my high E happened to break, I'd just have to learn to play without it for a while.
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30 mins a day if very little, i play 3-4 hours a day, and normally don't change strings until one breaks, which is about a month. how often do you change you're strings? and what gauge do you use? you might just have to deal with older strings, they might not sound as nice, but its cheaper/\.
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I do remember finding them very expensive, but I was never worried about paying. I found creative ways to make money.
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i use strings for up to 2 years. but i have 6 guitars... so thats 4 months per set of strings and strings around here are only like $5 for the decent ones and 6 for the good ones, i dont have any problem with nasty old strings, it gives a nice worn in tone.
if you get a guitar with a floyd rose bridge, you can make the strings last a lot longer since they don't use the ball ends
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I can type in big retard font! D'Addario 10s are only 5 dollars and they are good strings
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Dean Markleys usually about $5.00 per set on sale (which seems to be fairly often.) I've recently seen them as low as $3.50. Just buy two or three packs. Or check out Carvin. I think they sell boxes of strings (don't remember how many sets per box) really cheap, they are good strings.
it might be better to save up a bit and get elixirs which would last a lot longer than the others. what brand do you use? i use ernie ball and they seem to do me good for a month or two at least and i play quite a lot in that month. id prefer to change them more though just for tonal reasons. but im broke lol.

also, the easiest thing you can do is wipe down your strings after you play. i use an old cloth for cleaning glasses. go under the strings all the way up to the nut and down a few times. it saves the strings a bit more than if you just leave them. they wont wear out so fast.
truth. wipe your strings. the ernie ball string wipes work miraculously for this purpose it turns out. i figured they were a gimmick, but they are awesome. i play outside a lot in the middle of the ocean, so the air is salty as hell. i'll put a new set on, and by the end of a 4 hour session, i exaggerate not, they are jet black. corrosion is a huge issue. i started using the string wipes and it's gotten a lot better. but under normal playing conditions, i like to change my electric strings every week or two. depending on play. and always before a show. accoustics, provided they're good ones, last me a good 3 weeks, if i dont play them for 4 hours straight. i strum aggresively. i use DRs. but certainly as you grow older and can afford lots of strings, you change them sooner just because you can.
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I always wipe my strings after I play (you should see this rag I'm using; it's got black streaks all over it--it's disgusting, and, plus, it's got smudges from where I used it to apply fretboard conditioner; good thing it was part of a Hanes t-shirt ). Anyway, strings should not be $8-$10: you're getting ripped off. They should be $5 at the most. I used to change my strings once they got cruddy. However, I have alien acidic sweat, and that got to be a pain in the ass really quickly. I eventually learned to deal with it. I played my last set till there was so much unwipeable crud that it was actually cutting my callouses as I slid and bent (it lasted a good couple of months). Yeah, I changed them a little bit afterwards. Planning on trying some elixirs next time. The store in my old town didn't have any besides in like 13 gauge (and I damn sure wasn't going to go to the other ripoff shops). Washing your hands helps, too. I guess. It just makes my hands pre-clammy. Rambling.