So, my resume is on Monster.com, I rarely receive responses from literate people, who are so brilliant that their minds are crushed under the weight of their own genius and they can't comprehend that I finished my schooling in June 2007, and thusly have no "years" of relevant work experience. (This is all in electronics, for the record.) Anyway, these bastards call me anyway and draw me into longwinded explanations about how great they are for me and blah, blah, blah, then they find out I don't have any experience and get all pissed at me, so I'm used to the routine by now. Then this happens:

On Tuesday afternoon, I'd say around 2 or 3 PM, my girlfriend gets a call from someone asking for "Alex," (me.) No big deal, I put her number as my secondary contact and my phone is usually on vibrate (so it doesn't wake me up like her annoying ring,) and I figured I must've missed their call to me. It's a woman asking if I'd be interested in a tech job for some company I've never heard of, for a one day only temporary job. I'd be moving around computers, setting them up, installing stuff, the like. I'd be paid for calling in to a conference call at noon on Thursday (a little under 48 hours away at this point,) and then I'd work 3:30pm to 11pm. She said she'd be e-mailing me some tax forms and what not that I had to fill out, as well as directions and instructions. She asked about my salary requirements, and I told her that I had none, and that I was recently out of school and that if they needed someone with experience, they'd better keep looking. She says that's not a problem and offers me $15 an hour. Keep in mind, $15 an hour is mind blowingly high compared to other jobs out here, so I began to think it was too good to be true.

I don't fill out the forms, I don't dial in to the conference call, I don't go to the job, I don't do anything. I never receive an e-mail or a call about not doing any of the above. Nothing when I didn't send in the forms (which required me to scan my driver's license and SS card to send to the people.) So all in all, I would have to submit:
My full name.
My address.
My address history for the past 5 years.
My phone number.
My e-mail address.
My SS number.
My driver's license number.
My date of birth.
My mother's maiden name.
My debit card number.
All of this submitted online was a bit more than I was comfortable doing without knowing anything about the company who asked me for it. The woman mentioned that I'd be in a "crucial" position with only two other workers and a leading technician, it seems odd that they wouldn't even inquire as to why I didn't bother showing up after I agreed to. Not to mention that the e-mails I did receive (at my old address, mind you) had signatures in sky blue comic-sans MS writing leading me to believe either the company isn't that professional, or I was contacted by individuals not within the company. I checked, they never even called my primary number (my phone,) only my girlfriend's.

So, that's: Called wrong number, e-mailed wrong address (I changed my e-mail on Monster around 4 or 5 months ago, and I've been getting e-mails from Monster at my new address, so there's no confusion there,) an offer of WAY too much pay for the job, an address that I found out is a tiny little bank around here, it would not take 7 hours to do what she described doing there, no mention of my absence, as well as them contacting me two days before I'd have to show up, no interview, nothing. Every other caller I've spoken to has asked about my "current position" which is where stuff goes sour, this woman had no questions about who I was, where I went to school, what experience I have, nothing, and the call lasted all of 1 minute. These are bank computers, I think you'd at least want to interview people before you send them in there to muck it all up. It just seems really suspicious to me.

So, my questions are:
- Does it sound like I was right to air on the side of caution?
- Has anyone had experiences like this, with fishy job offers? What were the outcomes?
- Would you have done the same thing?
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yes no yes good call


i just reread it, they advertised 15/hour to do a job that an untrained one arm chimp with a leafblower up its ass could do. i really hope noone is stupid enough to fall for that.

just thougt id add that little bit well mainly cuz im bored
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
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If they ask you for your mother's maidens name and your debit card number, it sounds way to suspicious.
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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You did the right thing in holding back and not doing anything..

They were probably gonna kill you, video tape it, then sell the videos on the black market or something..

Or just steal your identity and run off with your life savings... (like a kid just out of school with no job experience would have any. :P )
i think you were right not to give them your details. they dont seem to professional or have much idea at all. i would have done the same as you.

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