If so, could you do me a really big favor? I want a picture of the guitar from the backside. I want to see how big the heel is and how far it comes out. I'm pretty sure it's very minimal and non-restricting to upper fret access, but I just want to be sure.

M-1000 and KH-602 are basically the same guitar so either of the two will work. Thanks.
Oh thanks dudes.

So, would you guys say that heel is for sure smaller and more out of the way than the heel of the Alexi 600-SE: http://www.guitar-stuff.net/2007/05/20/new-limited-edition-alexi-laiho-signature-guitar-alexi-600-se/ & http://monmonsgadgets.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/alexi-laihos-ltd/ ? I thought all neck-thru constructions were basically equivalent in how non-restrictive they are to upper fret access...

Because they're both neck-thru, but the heel of Alexi's guitar just seems to jut out so much more. And I seek a high level of playability and comfort in my next guitar I buy.
The heel shape is the same on my MH-1000, and I can tell you that the heel isn't the issue on that guitar. It's less restrictive than you'd imagine, and so is the one on the Laiho. However, it depends on your pinky-style. It might hit the lower horn when you do a run to the 24th fret, but if you don't let your pinky jut out a lot, you should be fine.
Hmmm...thanks for your input. I've actually played the M-1000 and find that the heel doesn't restrict my hand at all. So you're saying the heel on the Alexi 600-SE is just as non-restrictive as the M-1000? It appears to jut out more.
Again, that's gonna depend on your style. I personally don't have my hand very snugly around the neck when I go to the higher frets, and as you can see on the Alexi, it's got a smoothed out recess for where your fingers would be, and the block that juts out is in an area where I personally wouldn't be touching anyways. Try to pay attention to what your hand is doing, and figure out if it'd interfere with the heel. Because I can't tell for sure what your experience with the Alexi would be, and neither can anyone else, besides yourself.
Alright thanks dude.

One more thing (sort of off-topic): Since the Alexi 600-SE is relatively new and considered a "limited edition," I doubt most guitar stores would carry it. So, how would I try out the guitar and see if my upper fret access is restricted by the jutting heel? Any suggestions?
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