As many of you know since their hiatus System of down members are currently working on their on solo projects. Serj has just released his own album and single 'empty walls'. The preview of it is here. The video is really similar to SOAD, really political and has that armenia sound. What you guys think? material good enough to buy or what?
I think it's amazing.
Back to true SOAD style (as opposed to Mezmerize/Hypnotize commercial sounding SOAD)

Serj is amazing and I'm going to buy this cd the day it arrives on the stock shelves.
thread about serj in numetal forum, but yes, hes wonderful, and the album is going to be spectacular.

the cd comes out in a few days i beleive?
Its because he was the singer of a band that is considered nu-metal on this site, even though they aren't. Seeing as his music is basically the same as SOAD (i dont care what you say, it is), his music is also considered nu-metal, even though it isn't either.
SOAD ain't nu-metal. They are more alternative and rock. How come peoplethink mesmerise is crap? I thought it was pretty good. I do like the interchanging of Serj and Daren's voice. Putting that aside, i do think Serj's new material is good. I might consider buying it if I don't win his cds at the Serj fasterlouder comp. Anyone doing the same?
Total Guitar has given Elect The Dead a three-star rating in this month's issue (#168), but it hasn't change my mind to get the album.

I'm seeing him supporting the Foos in a few weeks so I'll see if I'll deffo get it or not.
But what I heard from his MySpace page sounds wicked. I miss Daren's harmonies though.
Can't wait to see him.
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it doesnt seem he will produce another album...this one really flopped
Judging by that first single I'm not at all surprised. Absolutely terrible song and even worse video.
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I liked the album, but agreed that the first single that was chosen wasn't exatly the best and the music video would of had more relevance a couple of years earlier.
From what I heard, it was the same sh*t SOAD was already doing. I think everyone caught on pretty quick and the album thusly failed.
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i dunno, i liked it more than soad stuff

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