So at my school the band teacher has an Epiphone shaped like a Firebird. Only thing is theres no pickguard, its a one piece body, black body, chrome hardware, its a bolt-on, the bolt-on plate says "Built by Epiphone in Tennessee" or something like that, the humbucker covers have and Epiphone logo similar to the one on the headstock engraved on them, it has regular twin coil humbuckers not the mini ones found on newer firebirds, and the headstock is shaped like an explorer headstock and has the Epiphone "E" with a circle and 3 lines coming off it. Best thing i could equate it to would be the Les Paul Special version of a Firebird. Any info or other sightings of a guitar like this would be much obliged.
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sounds like the old Epi firebird V model.

its been discontinued for quite a bit of time... but thats okay... cause the current firebird epi the "worn studio" is almost as good as the gibson version.