Im getting so pissed off at this pedal now. I got it in January and used it for a little while. Like 5 months went by where i havent touched it and now im trying to use it again. At first it wouldnt play the guitar. I could get the drum beats on my amp but nothing would come out of it for my guitar. So today while im trying to figure out maybe theres a way to raise the volume or something other than the master level knob, it shuts off and so i plug it out and back in. Now its stuck saying "UPLOAD" and no matter what i do i cant get out of it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or atleast reset the damn thing... Thanks
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I wish I could help you. It may not make you feel better but I had one too. Took the damn thing back three days later. Hard to use, sterile tone, cheap construction. Hope you get it ironed out. Don't ever buy another Digitech product.
Factory reset:

Call tech support if that doesn't help
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try finding a tiny little button thats recessed in somewhere...that could be the reset.