Poll: Who's a better guitarist?
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14 78%
Claudio Sanchez
4 22%
Voters: 18.
Guitar-wise, which of the two is better?
Buckethead or Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria
Whoever voted Claudio doesn't know **** about ****.

Keep in mind, I love C&C, but skills wise, this isn't a contest.
This thread sucks.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
lol this isn't even fair. Buckethead. How did you come about even trying to put the dude from Coheed in the same boat as Buckethead?

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I certainly agree that this thread does suck and this it is totally unfair.
I only made it to settle an argument between a friend and I.