After fooling around in Guitar Pro, I've written some nice symphonic-ish pieces, but I've never managed to add 2 guitars + bass + drums to them... On the other hand, when I have a metal song, I can't think of a synth part to it. The best I can do is adding a string ensemble, and, with some luck, it comes out pretty decent. However, after a bunch of songs with strings in them, it gets boring. And I'm really keen on writing some symphonic (black) metal...

So, have you got any advice for me? Any documents or e-books or something I should read? I'm also looking for a quick reference for the tonal ranges of instruments, but I'm gonna Google that anyway.
i believe there was an article posted about orchestration on here a while ago....it was like a pdf file...look around for it, otherwise i know insideac has it
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