Okay if your in the key of C and the chord progression is...say...c am f g.....
and say you wanna solo using the major scale and its modes can you use like the dorian mode or should that only be used over D chords? also would this be the D Dorian mode or is it still a C scale...like since its a D dorian mode is it only to be used in the key of D or over D chords......plz help
You can use any mode of the C major scale over that progression. However you do it wouldn't make a difference, 'cause you'd still be in the key of C Major.
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Over that progression, the notes C D E F G A B would always sound like C Major, because that is the primary chord. If you played those notes over an A minor chord, it would sound like A Minor. If you play them over an E minor chord, it will sound like E phrygian. Over an F Major chord, it would sound like Lydian, and so on.
In other words, the chord determines the mode.

D Dorian can only be played over a D chord. If D wasn't the root, it would be some other mode. Also, there isn't only D Dorian, you can build a scale off any note so there is E Dorian, Bb Dorian etc

Same for all modes.
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