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i know, my question is referring to completely basics, but since i couldn´t find the information by google, i´m asking now here.

What does this "0", sometimes staying in chords, mean? Crosses mean hold there. No Crosses mean not hold there. And 0? Maybe this is a suggestion but not necessary?

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means play it open, O for open or 0 for no fret. however you want to think of it, play it open.
As fretsonfire74 said: O means play the open string. X does NOT mean hold there, it means don't play that string (or mute it if need be).
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Hmm ok seems, that we mean different things.
Here is one example:
I guess, here X doesn´t mean mute...
Maybe they want you to mute the string, and that's the easiest place to do it. (ie do it with the tip of your index.
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In some other chord diagrams, you may see it as you posted (where x represents where you are fretting a string and o means muted):

This is equivalent to:

 Bm Chord


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In general, with guitar tabs, 'X' means do not play this string, while '0' represents an open string. In tab it is also implicitly assumed that a string is not played if it is not marked. Numbers are written on the lines to show you where to fret the string with the left hand. The x here represents mute that string.
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^-- all correct. just for clarification, etiche, in the diagram you posted, the o must mean to mute the string because you don't play the low E in a B minor chord... though i've never seen o used to signify muting. where did you get that chord diagram? i suspect that maybe the person that did that made a mistake.