OK so I was on the train today and this Aboriginal (native Australians) lady (mid 40's) walked up to me. She was no doubt very poor and possibly living on the streets. She looked like she hadn't showered in months and when she spoke a foul stench emitted from her mouth, revealing several missing teeth. She asked if i could lend her any money, I said no. She then stood there for like 30 seconds and then she started yelling and screaming and throwing cats at me. At this point i got up and warned her to stop or I would have to force her out of the way. I had no choice but to kick her in the stomach, forcing her into the arm rest of the chair behind her. I heard a sickening crack in her back and she fell to the floor frothing at the mouth. I started panicking and realised that there were 10-15 cats scattered around the train carriage. What the hell was this lady? Some kind of witch or just a druggo on ice or something?

At this point i ran to the next carriage and waited for my stop, my head spinning. The cats had followed me and stared at me like I was supposed to do something. Guilt ran through me. I just killed this lady who was looking after all these poor kittens, they would now no doubt die without someone looking after them.

When it was my stop, I stepped off the train about to set off and run when I was halted by one of the train guards who was yelling at the top of his lungs, I didn't bother to hang around and find out what he was yelling about, he had obviously noticed the dead body by now. I ran out of the station and headed home as quick as my feet could possibly go, stacking it over a dog and few cracks in the footpath.

I finally got home and was relieved to find no one was there. I collapsed into my bed and dosed off for an hour. I got up after a while and looked outside to find about 15 cats congregated under my bedroom window. My heart sank. I took the kitties in, out of guilt, and placed them all in the garage. I closed the door and sat down with the cats. One of them trotted up to me and stared at me with its large marble eyes and tiny body. It started clawing at my leg. It kind of tickled at first but then it started getting rougher and more aggressive. Other cats started joining in, gripping at different parts of my body. I am bewildered by what is going on. Cats flying at me from all directions! Savagely tearing at my skin, clinging onto my face and slicing it open. Im bleeding and blood is dripping down my body. I reach for my dad's saw hanging on the garage wall and start swinging in all directions. More blood is splurted everywhere as I slash in panick. I'm tearing up cats' bodies and feeling their guts spill all over me. I'm like a fat kid beating off kids from stealing his cream cup-cakes. My mind pacing, unaware of what's going on.

Finally its over and I start panting violently. I look around me to realise what I have just done. Blood and guts and dead cats everywhere. I look down and see the poor tiny kitten's severed head at my feet still staring at me. The garage has turned into a scene from the movie Saw. I rush out of the garage and pace around the house panicking and wondering how I am going to clear up this mess before my parents come home. To top it off I puked all over the new lounge sofas and got blood everwhere.

What does this all mean??? What's happening??? What do I do???????????
You so crazy
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