Hey, i just got a Charvel EVH art series and i was looking for some van halen songs. not that hard because i have been playing for a little over a year.
ha! No offense, but not of it is going to be super easy
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I seen them live this past sunday, man I hated van halen before, but evh still has it, his tone was absolutely nuts too...but yeah there isnt a whole lot of easy stuff, maybe work on panama and aint talkin bout love parts of them
unchained is a popular one where the main riff isn't too hard, alternate tuning though'

Otherwise, panama, running with the devil, or ain't talking... are some good choices
Gear: Framus Cobra - Homemade Warmoth guitar - Ibanez S470 - Alvarez acoustic
aint talkin bout love! easy good song
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EVH. I saw him in concert. And his brother was seriously the worst bass player I've ever seen.

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You might be out of luck. Sorry

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i like van halen version of "You Really Got Me", and "unchained", "panama" is good too.
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Eruption. Scary to even attempt, but when you get the tapping part down you'll be over the moon. I just learnt it not 5 minutes ago! Just the tapping part haha.
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