I own an Ibanez RG1570, with an Edge Pro bridge. When I let go of the trem arm, it swings down. Its very loose and I've changed the nylon washers over, still loose. My old guitar teacher had a similar problem and had it fixed so that the arm would stay wherever he moved it to so he could get to it quickly when he wanted to use it instead of having to fish for it, which frequently happens to me. Please help if you know more details of this fix and roughly how much I should expect to pay to have it done, im fed up of having to lean way back when experimenting with whammy acrobatics just to make sure it doesn't swing down in-between chirps.
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i bet somehow you could rig it with a band of some sort or maybe you could weld it or something
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Welding it would be far too extreme. I tried calling in on my old teacher but the store he works at closed down in August.
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try glueing it in place? you can always dissolve the glue with heat so it wouldn't perma damage it.
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But permanently glueing it in there will just be annoying if you have to put it in a case or whatnot

Give ibanez an email, and then that ibanez forum, whose name eludes me, but i also have the same problem with my 1570's arm
That sounds like it might do for a while. Dave Winters' workshop is in this town so I might just pay him a visit during the week and ask if he knows what I'm trying to get done. It bugs me that I can't think of it off the top of my head.

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try glueing it in place? you can always dissolve the glue with heat so it wouldn't perma damage it.

As I said, too extreme. I need the option of moving it around available.
Lyrics, just breaks between killer solos.
Basically, clear nailpolish, under the washers, washers back on and it will be tougher to move
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Waiting for the polish to dry can be crucial, since while still fresh it a) will get scratched off by the washer as it goes back on and b) might fuse with the washer, which is seriously yuck. I found plumber's tape to be a very temporary solution at the very best.
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