I'm getting bored / tired of my acoustic, and want to try something new. I'm looking for a versatile guitar. Something that can play songs like Manhattan by Eric Johnson to Metallica. I think I have rather small hands. For example, the absolute maximum i can stretch is from the first fret to the 6th, although it hurts like crazy.

I've been looking at lower prices LP copies, such as Agile, and the Ibanez RG series. I've heard very good things about, such as the Agiles has a great sound for the price, and the Ibanez RG series has very good playability.

Would the RG's sound be too metal - oriented? And would Les Pauls be alot harder to play (especially with my small hands) than the RG's?

My price range is around 400-500 US, cheaper guitars much more preferable.

Thanks in advance
Fender Strats are some of the more versatile guitars and are an average size for any player.

THeir product line is extensive too. You can find a Strat for $300 all the way into the thousands. Take a look.
if you really have those little hands an LP is your guitar : low action, narrow fretboard
and if youre looking for a les paul copy get an epiphone
^ LP for little hands?... heh.

doesn't matter what size your hands are as it's unlikely you'll be making 5 fret stretchs often, besides that's more to do with scale and fret size than neck width.

If you do get an RG get a fixed bridge as the low end tremolos are turd
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Get a Jackson, I'd say go with a JS20 or JS30... Maybe even one of their better high end models (but thats if you really want to get seirus)...

I have the JS20 I also have small hands and the Jackson feels perfect.