How would I go about fingering this?

I have tried both the index on the high E string, and my pinky and ring on the low E and A strings, and I also tried my thumb on the low 2 strings, and my index on the high E but both dont seem efficient enough.

FYI is is in a different tuning but I still refered to the strings in standard tuning.


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Thumb over the low strings and index on the high-e is easiest.

It wasn't too hard to go index on high-e and middle and ring on low-e and a for the first chord, and then when it switches use ring and pinky on the low ones. Easy switch.
i would use my 1st finger on the high E and use my ring finger and pinky on the low E and A. and just slide it up
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I dunno... I still find thumb over top easiest of all of em. Of course, I have gigantic hands, so that may be why.
What song is this "chord" in? I doubt it is the correct position.
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