Drop D acoustic song with a lot of droning bass and a melody reminiscient of Richard Thompson or Gordon Lightfoot. The lyrics below are sort of a rough draft; I'm not quite satisfied with them, especially the verse before the bridge and the first two lines of the bridge.

“Eye of the Storm” by Matthew Story

[Vs. 1 - Double Verse]
I searched for a love that would run slow and easy
Like waves rolling over the sand
What I found was a woman like a wild force of nature
With her heart in the palm of her hand
She’ll curse with the fury of the sailor who sired her
Or cry like a baby just born
Then she’s smooth as the stones in the shallows of the river
And calm as the eye of the storm

[Vs. 2]
She changes her mind like the leaves in October
She sings like the wind in the trees
She loves like a fire at the edge of the forest
She dances like snow on the breeze

Sometimes I wonder if she’s even there at all
Or just a whisper in my mind
I must be swifter than the winds that bring the fall
Or she’ll surely leave me behind

[Vs. 3]
I barely can stand how the tides shift around her
But I can’t stand myself when she’s gone
So I’ll roll in the winds of that spring’s fickle temper
And I’ll sleep in the eye of the storm
Death to Ovation haters!
I liked this, a few points though.

Maybe change "a woman like a wild force of nature" to "a woman who's a wild force of nature", since you used "like ____" a lot. Though I thought it was done well in verse 2 it makes it seem like you ran out of ideas when you have it all over the place.

Though you said you didn't like this first two lines of the bridge, I did quite a lot, it was nice since they were a break from all the metaphors.

Also not sure what "With her heart in the palm of her hand" is meant to mean.
Yeah, the song is little more than an assembly of cliche singer/songwriter nature similies. And I want to make the woman as a force of nature metaphor come out strong, but I think that in doing so, I'm going overly crazy with the similies. Not ure how to fix it, yet, though.
Death to Ovation haters!
yeah probably a bit of overkill on simile there..but it's still good, i enjoyed reading it.

only line i don't like is "With her heart in the palm of her hand"

thanks for your crit on mine
I think you're being a bit too hard on yourself; sure, similies and nature imagery aren't the most original lyrical techniques in the world, but for the most part you execute them with honest writing and a good sense of flow. I actually really like that verse before the bridge. It is a lot of similies, but that sort of helps create the song's character. I think the bridge is the weakest part, the language is kind of dull and you use another wind metaphor. That's one thing I'd watch for- you use wind a bit too much in this song, and (this might be intentional, but i'm not sure) you use "eye of the storm" twice as well. So just vary your imagery more and rewrite that bridge, other than that it's very well written and enjoyable.

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