calling all Phish/Trey fans... does anyone out there think trey is as good i think he is? aka i think he is prob the most talented guitarist ever.. and def of this generation.
just curious to see what others think of him, and if you dont know him... heres a few clips of phish covering some important songs/ bands in history.. tell me what ya think?

good times bad times:


bold as love:

not to knock any of the original guitarists bc they are 3 of, if not THE most important guitarists in history.. but just to give ya a feel of how he covers their songs.. and obviously treys ownsongds are amazing as well..
haha .. treys first name is ernest.. and my first name is ernest.. we are all conneceted
Not a huge Phish/ Jam band fan in general but he is an amazing guitarist.
i hear ya, i like select jam bands.. phish being one of them.. mainly bc of treys ability.. which i didnt appreciate/respect until i started playing guitar
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