Hello I play in a semi gigging band meaning around 2 to 3 gigs a month and im having a real problem with my amp/ pedals squalling when im playing live
I run a Randall RX120DHS 120W Solid State Head With a Digitech metal master Distortion pedal and a BOSS noise Gate. The nose gate keeps the pedal from sqealing when the guitar is turned down but when i turn the volume up on the guitar is squeals really bad when th volume is past about 6 . the level i need to play with drums. This also only happens when I have to play a house show or something. Anything when i am not mic`ed up to a PA system.
I wasnt sure if this was the right thread but I just wondering if anyone has any tips for something like this happening to them live. Im planning on getting a Peavey 5150 Tube Head eventually which with a noise gate will be perfect but thatll be a while from now. But yea does anyone have any suggestion for fixing the sound or have had the same issues?

All help appreciated
Stay further away from your amp. And maybe tune the gain and treble down as well. But the best option is to play behind your amp.

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use less gain
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Your pick-ups might be microphonic. Meaning that they need potted or more plainly stated dipped in wax. What happens is your guitar is picking up the guitar being played through the amp. The pickup vibrates. Little wires that make the pickup vibrate off one another causing microphonic feed back. The wax cuts down on this interaction.