So, I'm poor, and I'm going to replace the stock pickups in my Dean EVO XM, but I can't decide with what.

Would you recommend:
An EMG 81 set
An EMG 81/85 combo
Or a Gibson '55 humbucker set?

I play mostly metal, but with occasional clean melodies, and it runs through an Ampeg 100W combo amp.

Here's a pic of the guitar.

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Go for the 81/85 set.

Or get the ML XT Noir

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I would say for metal speed melodies to put the 85 in the bridge position. and for high end squeels like dimebag put the 81 in the bridge either way with on in the bridge and other in the neck you can go wrong but i would deffinently go 81/85
well for dean guitars Dimebucker it's the best in my opinion it has great sound and it's perfect for metal and in clean parts too it sounds great i have Dime'o'Flame guitar with dimebucker at the bridge and that's the perfect guitar for everything exept blues
^ it's one of the worst pickups i've ever had the misfortune to try... I guess at least it's not as bad as an invader, but that's not exactly a ringing endorsement...

useless pickup.
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that guitar is horrible. I don't think getting pick up that cost more than the guitar is a good idea.

plus EMGs won't be good in a plywood guitar. =/
I have a DEAM ML X that's about the same quality. When I bought it I got a deal and I liked the shape. After I got it home I was surprised how well it played and sounded. Love the neck! I never played the EVO because I prefer the odd shaped guitars. I lucked out and got a set of DEAN zebra pups from a higher end DEAN for under $25.00 I had them swapped and the luthier said the originals were not that bad in his opinion. When I got it home I thought the new ones were much hotter. The guitar is not plywood but solid basswood. My DEAN is Palowina wood which is not much better if at all. If I didn't score the pups cheap I wouldn't have gone with pups that cost me more than my guitar. About two weeks laterI bought a DEAN ML Noir used from Craigs list for $100.00 the guitar is mint. If I had waited I probably would have never got the DEAM ML X $140.00 with a 2 year extended warrenty GC. So you might be better off looking around for a better guitar rather than put all that money in the one you have but if you like it it's all up to you.