Well I need a song to perform for an extended family party, which will happen in about two months from now.

This is my first time performing with my guitar, so I think I want to do a duet to make it easier.

I'd kinda like to do Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) and my dad can play the acoustic part and we will both sing (I'll do back-up.) I'm also not sure how an outro would work.

Or, my sister plays piano and wants to do a song by The Fray, I can't remember which one. The guitar would be way easier on this one, but I would have to sing, and I'm not convinced I want to sing just yet.
Don't do Wish You Were Here, no-ones ever covered it well, even the great Thom Yorke
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Well I think if it's a family party, just make it fun, and try to play stuff everyone would know, and if you're bored, maybe write something for the occasion.
Play some fun songs, play some "the fratellis" xD
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