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You sir, deserve a cookie.

Your video motivated me to learn the song.
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thats a great vid. One of my fav metallica songs.
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good attempt, but as far as a lesson goes, i think it's lacking. you dont cover the harder parts of the song, or even the whole song for that matter. i also think that "solo" tab is off. overall not bad for a beginners lesson, but it could be better..
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You only cover about a third of the song.


I could cover the whole song but my software will take the size upto 100 mb...and trust me its really hard to stream those long videos...thts why im doing all the parts one by one =)
I have also uploaded
Nothing Else Matters as well =) check it out
No offense, but videos to learn a Metallica song?
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lol...u have any other suggestions?

i was actually making
1. Seven Nation army [Improvised Version]
2. Smells like teen spirit
3. Come as you are
4 Aint my Bitch - Metallica

right now...

P.S [Metallica Rocks]
ur site looks a lot better now

Good job on that !

and hey can i get the backing track of Ain't my Bitch?
I really love that song...
Not a criticism per se, but your For Whom The Bell Tolls is wrong.

For the intro, it should be 442 x 4 then 220 on the bottom three strings a few times then, on the same strings, 553 x 2 + 220 a few times before going into the chugging bit. You seem to have missed off the 553 x2 + 220 and just repeated the 442 x 4 + 220 until the chug.
I dont know if i need to agree with you there..!
I thought it was all perfect
Hmm, well give the song a good listen. It seems fairly clear that most, if not all (haven't looked at them all) of the tabs are wrong.
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ok man if that makes u happy

Heh, it's not about making me happy.

Just trying to help you man, it'd be cool if you could make a site with perfect vids. It just annoys me to see tabs that're wrong, then it propogates and everybody learns the wrong version of the tab.
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I dont know if i need to agree with you there..!
I thought it was all perfect

yeah, its a little off. have you been taught to write out rhythms with words before? I'd suggest that. Print out your tabs and write out the beats (1 & 2 & etc.) underneath the notes, that should help you figure out where the missed notes are. Metallica is usually pretty straightforward with their measures being in 4/4 or 6/8 time, although sometimes they change it around.
I just played it according to the backing track that i had...anyways
appreciate all the help'

[p.s] lol@ Rhythm!

It was just a silly mistake...may be u don't know but it takes hours to make a single Vid!
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yeah i can understand that...i also think its a lil off...but hats off to you
i checked out some other videos of urs as well...the video quality has definitely got better...