hey guys im a guitarist and writer and im looking to start a online punk/alternative/grunge band
whats that? lol online band?
tell me! tell me!
haha seriously tho get back me

AIM- KorpseZombie
Well I like all sorts but for punk/alternative I'd say the Clash, Jane's Addiction, STP and Alice In Chains. And many more I can't be bothered to name right now.
you want a second guitarist? ill play. i just wanna be in a band. no i dont have anything recorded but i will play if u want. im pretty good but not amazing ive been playing for about 9 months. i can play avenged sevenfold, blink 182, green day, and bob dylan. i like pretty much every type of rock (hardcore, metalcore, punk rock, pop rock, etc.). i can learn relly easy if there's any techniques you want me to learn so if you think i suck i can just learn it cuz i learn stuff in like a half hour tops. ive written a couple songs (without drum or bass, just guitar and lyrics) that i could send you the tab for.