ok, ive recently picked up the bass guitar because my band needed one. I've really fell in love with the instrument. The thing is i've been playing guitar for six years now, and ive been considering a six string bass. ive been thinking about an esp (ltd) six string or a Peavy grind sixer. Each has its pros and cons. The peavy costs about 500 hundred and has passive pickups, while the esp only costs 420 and has active electronics. I need your help to choose.
I wouldnt go for the sixer if your just changing to bass. The change isnt very easy.

I would go for a five or a four instead.
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I would really like different sounds though, i played the peavy at guitar center and it really feels like a guitar. It really feels good to me. The strings are closer, but i play with a pick so i dont think the learning curve would be too bad.
Doesnt add anything soundwise. But hey.

What kind of music do you play?
oh sorry, i ment more notes are availible. I kinda play a little of everything, but im focusing on hard rock and power metal.
if your focused on power metal, then may i suggest a fiver?
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if your getting a 6string bass because your used to a 6 string guitar then i would not recommend it, they are entirely different instruments in that aspect completely - and you would probably feel more comfortable (at the moment) on a 4 stringed bass... and unless you plan on being les claypool there isnt alot of reasons to buy a 6 string.
If you're just beginning, I would definitely NOT recommend a 6-string bass. A bass has a different role in the band, and unless you really know your way around a 4 or 5 string in a band, i wouldn't go for a 6.

EDIT: And if you're playing hard rock, I wouldn't see the need for anything past a 5... unless it's a 8 or 10 string bass with the other strings tuned in octaves.
if you have 6 years playing i suggest you a 5 string one

i dont really see the point of having a 6 stringer if you are kind of new to bass
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if you're just starting out, get a squire 4-string p-bass special, you cant go wrong with it, just change the strings, i suggest flatwounds so they dont tear up your fingers,
if you really want to shell out some serious cash get a spector
How much money have you got?

Are we talking a few thousand? If thats the case then go Warwick
I almost bought the grind 6 but I ended up getting a peavey fury 6, I wasnt really digging the scalloped part and the body reminded me of a fence.