Okay, so basically I have about EUR800 to spend on a new guitar(700) and a new distortion/OD pedal(100). I'm currently using a Laney VC30, an Epi SG and a Zoom G2.1u. A rough idea of the tone I'm looking for would be somewhere between Nirvana, Bloc Party and to a slightly lesser extent RHCP.
Guitarwise, I'm looking at Teles and Strats mostly but I'm open to suggestions. I'd probably need a humbucker too as I'll probably be playing more distorted stuff too.
As I said, my budget is preferably under EUR700 for the guitar but at an absolute limit I could go to 750.

The teles I've been looking at are these:



Whats the consensus on those three?

Pedalwise, I find that the distortion on my Zoom isn't 'clear' enough, everythings seems either too metal or too indie. The problem with clarity could have to do with the guitar. I'm looking for a more Nirvana-type tone(not exactly, but I like the distorted tone), and I've been looking at a Rat(http://www.thomann.de/ie/proco_rat2.htm),
an Ibanez Tubescreamer(http://www.thomann.de/ie/ibanez_ts9_tube_screamer.htm) which is perhaps out of my budget but I can save up,
or a Big Muff Pi

Any help would be much appreciated,
Zoom distortion is crap, I'd bin the thing off to be honest...I read the first couple of lines and thought "This guy should get a Rat", but you already figured it out for yourself It'd be nice to get an overdrive pedal as well though, the Rat is pretty severe.
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Yeah, I'm thinking the rat with the Big Muff pedalwise. Would this work well? I know Cobain and Lissack have them both and presumabely Frussy too considering his pedalboard seems to have every pedal imaginable... Which leaves us with the problem of guitar... what of those Teles?