Can anyone think of any possible reason why everything I record onto my pc is a whole tone higher in pitch than when I play it?

I record something in the A minor scale, it automatically becomes the B Minor when played back. I sing a G note, it becomes A on playback. Why?!?! This happens with all the software I have tried, and I am using an Shure SM57 plugged into an Alesis USB interface.

Please someone help. I have mailed Alesis, but that is not yielding a fast reply.
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Who cares? Take the finished product to audacity and use that to lower the pitch by 1 tone. It has a setting for that. Problem solved.
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Your sound manager is set to one pitch high

I didn't know this could occur, how do I fix it?

And as for the pitch shift setting, it obviously isn't activated, because I have tried it with different software. I don't just want to lower it down a tone with the software, because it can take a while, and could also lose quality. It would mean I have to pitch shift every single thing before I can even listen to a track.
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tune your guitar down a tone, will sound horrid if playing along with anything but the end result should be good
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tune your guitar down a tone, will sound horrid if playing along with anything but the end result should be good

play in G minor,it becomes A minor in playback.
strange, don't tune the guitar down or edit after
find the original cause of the problem instead of covering it up..........Don't want Mike Holmes running after ya....haha

My first thought was you have a pitch correction set up somewhere but it happens with all recording software.
So may be you have a pitch correction set in the interface settings?
try looking though those from top to bottom.

as for anything else, I've never come across to this before

BTW this should be in Riffs And Recordings.
^ Yeah, I agree, I don't want to cover the problem up, I want to solve it.

The interface doesn't have any pitch options, it happens with all of my software (Cubase, Reaper, Audacity etc.) and it happens whether you use XLR or line in input.

I know it should be in R&R really, but I have a related thread with no replies there and I just wanted to see if I could get any help here.
There is poetry in despair.
What kind of sound card do you have? if it's with all your recording programs it's probably some setting in the sound card drivers.
What about the speed/tempo? Is it slightly faster or the exact same speed? If the recording is a bit faster it almost sounds like you are somehow playing back a 44.1khz recording at 48khz.
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