I was looking at dunlops site and saw all kind of eq's... kerry king had a 10 band eq , slash had one.... i was just wondering how important it is... should every guitarist have an eq besides his amp and pedal? will it help me customize my tone alot? oh and if so then whats a good eq (not signature) for metal? thanks everybody
If you own one pedal... It should be EQ. They allow you to finetune your sound so much more than the amp itself.
I'm thinking of getting an EQ pedal...

Any in mind?

I play metal.
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EQ's are extremely important for more professional sound. As you have noticed almost all pro musicians use them. I don't think the brand is overly important. I use a cheapie Danelectro Fish n Chips and I am satisfied, it makes a world of difference to my tone. They are pretty much all the same until you get into rack mount stuff. As far as I know any EQ is find for metal or any other genre, no particular brand.
I used a GE-7 for a boosting my mids and decible level for leads for a while, but other than that, I had no use for an EQ pedal.

If you own one pedal... It should be EQ.

I disagree. I say if you own one pedal, it should be a good delay.
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What the hell is an Eq when its at home?

A warm, comfy EQ?
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I use a Fish & CHips EQ and it's on all the time. I also bought a two channel 31 band 3rd octave eq to use for eq'ing all recorded tracks in the post processing. I haven't got around to wiring it into the mixer so I just stuck it on the output of my pedal board for the time being. EQ's are incredible for shaping up tone and syringing the donuts out of your ears.
I've had a BOSS GE-7 in my rig for ages. At first I was using it as my heavy sound, eshewing any distortion pedal. Then I used it as a boost for my Marshall Guv'nor. Now I have it sitting at the end of my effects chain, always on to give my Tokai Rick Copy more bass.

EQ's are wonderfully handy pedals to have. Dave Gilmour uses about six for pete's sake! *

* I am aware this may be inaccurate but he DOES use at least 3
Before you start adding pedals, you really need to get to know how the tone controls on the amp affect the sound. On stage, EQs come in handy to tweak your sound to the room in a hurry. A 30 band rack EQ is almost required to pull out some low end if you're getting a lot of resonance in the corners or boosting the high end if it's getting soaked up by the crowd. You can also notch frequencies that are bouncing back and causing too much feedback.