i am james and the singer/ bassist for a band called Streamline Soldiers in Warrington .
Please listen to our mypace as we put a song up a few days ago and response so far is good . Not best recording in the world but were working on that !
Please add us aswelll

also please give us feedback on the name and song here/on myspace .
Streamline Soldiers
this is pretty good music man, i like the vibe you all have going there. keep it up.
nice.. catchy! man i can't wait for some more songs and a little better quality..check out the local studios they are usually pretty cheap... but y advice.. go in prepared to record immediatley!
heavy support of A7X army pm Copius
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The rest of the album is brilliant but that one song just really gets right on my tits for some reason
thanks guys !
where at mine finishing of a second song today so look out!
and yea , sounds abit crap via the uailty of it . But we shud have them sorted out within the next two weeks .
Thanks for the confidence boost !