OK, so me (Guitar/Vocals), my friend (Bass/Vocals) and his brother (Guitar/Vocals) and my other friend (Drummer) formed a band. We need to find some simple songs to play for all instruments (covers) obvioulsy. We did seven nation army and like a stone, we also fool around and make stupid acoustic songs but, we need simple/good practice songs to build up our technique any suggestions?
Basic stuff would be anything by The Strokes or The Used.
If you can really scream and stuff then go for some Lamb of God or Children of Bodom if you are really good at guitar.
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What type of music do you like?

Classic Rock:
Tnt - Ac/Dc
Highway to hell - Ac/dc
Cat Scratch Fever- Ted Nugent

Enter Sandman - Metallica
Walk - Pantera


Anything Really.

It's best too just all come up with some ideas, Like the Drummer Pic a song, etc.

Then you will all have 4 songs that you all enjoy.
its fair, and efficent.