I just wanted to know how economical building your own cab is. How much money would you save vs. buying one thats already assembled, and does it require a great deal of work?
Its not hard but make sure you use good wood all around(i used pine which is good but i was foolish enough to use particle board for the baffle which is now cracked all over the place)
Just buy a large sheet of 3/4" ply and all youll need is a circular saw, drill, glue, clamps, screws etc. And youd be better off copying the dimensions of another cab.
it can be cheaper. but you don't get a warranty and it might not sound or look as good.

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^Well as long as you have a normal looking, straight cabinet, most of the look will be the stuff covering it and the speakers. So if you just copy the dimensions of another cab and have experience in woodwork it'll be easy as.

Heres a pic of mine V

Didnt take long and was easy to make, so I say go for it, its good for experience.
I can build an angled 4x12 with what I consider better quality hardware for less than I can buy a 4x12 with similar specs.

It really depends if you have the tools and how good you are with woodwork, wiring, laying tolex, etc