I didn't think this should go in any of the guitar forum so here goes. I want to try to learn a new stringed instrument, just to try something new. As of now I'm thinking either mandolin,banjo, or baritone ukelele. I have about 150 dollars US to buy something, anyone got any suggestions?
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save up LOADSof money and learn piano
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Ukulele's really good fun, I really recommend it.

Also, ukulele goes down so damn well at parties and stuff, so yeah.
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Go watch Jake Shimabukuro play Ukulele. It will make you want one soo bad.
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ukellele, very cheap aswell

You're too right, I got one for £25 (around $14).

I've not stopped transposing loads of songs to uke form, I've got Love Will Tear Us Apart going really good at the moment, haha.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
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save up LOADSof money and learn piano

why loads of money? he could just buy a keyboard for a fraction of the price of a piano
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learn harpsichord

Baroque ftw!!!!

Dude, do you know how much one of them costs?

Well more than $150, i can tell you that.

Or Mandolin.
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£25 = $50


Oops, wrong way round.

Godamn, now I feel stupid.

At least I have my uke *sad song*
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
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Buy a cheapass uke and a cheapish mandolin. I have a mandolin, it's good fun :P
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Violin, bud.
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learn harpsichord

Baroque ftw!!!!

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I've played a mandolin before, they're pretty cool. and they're tuned G D A E so it's like the four deep string on the guitar but bassackwards