I'm thinking on making a neckthrough guitar. The problem is that stewmac's 24 fret neckthrough has a 12'' fretboard radius( http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bodies,_necks,_wood/Electric_guitar:_Necks/Through-body_Guitar_Neck.html )

And the schaller floyd rose( http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailpieces/Floyd_Rose_tremolos_and_parts/Schaller_Floyd_Rose_Locking_Tremolo_Complete_Set.html ) and nut are 14 radius.

What will happen if the fretboard radius doesn't match the bridge and nut's radius?
I doubt it'll be a big problem. Guitars with compound radius fretboards don't have compound trems either and they're perfectly playable.
sounds like trouble, if the neck is 12" the whole way i doubt a nut made for a 14" neck will even fit properly, wouldnt be as much of a problem down the bridge end though, the string height varies when you use the fine tuners anyway
^ Those are Origional Floyd Roses. The one you're looking into buying isn't made by the Floyd Rose Company.

Floyd Rose nuts are mounted into a flat slot. The nut will fit. The only thing that will happen with string height is that the high and low E strings will be a little higher from the fretboard than the D and G strings.
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I found this on warmoth:

These nuts feature a 10" radius, therefore, the fingerboard radius ideally should be 10" but seems to remain functional between 9" and 12".

If this is right, i can use 14 radius nut and bridge on a 12 radius neck.
You'll be fine- as Will said, your action will just be a little higher on the outsides or lower on the insides.
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