ok i just got a new amp (randall rx120dhs) and its my first half stack..on the back it has little area of plugins and says effects loop... what can i plugin there? i saw something about putting a noise gate in there or something...thanks all
Is there a jack saying 'out' and another saying 'in' or is there just a single jack?

If there's two jacks, one cord could go out and plug into a chain of effects pedals, multi-effect units like a Boss GT-8, or a combination of them. If there's only a single jack you'll probably need a stereo to mono Y chord. Not an expert on amps or anything but they're good for plugging your guitar right into the amp so you don't lose any tone due to any pedals before your signal reaches your preamp. Then the signal would go through the effects loop and out through the power amp to create the sound. Cool stuff.