i took off my pick guard and the other various body decorations on my white sg and i plan on leaving them off. i lilke how it looks better except for one thing, i have those little holes all over my guitar. i was just going to paint over them but i had doubts as to how it would look. i want to make them disapear but still have them easy to recover if i ever decide to put anything back on.

any suggestions
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there is nothing that you really could do. you could completely repaint the body after filling the holes but this takes money, effort, and will be hard to reverse if you don;t like how it comes out. other than that i cant think of ne thing you could do
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wood filler, then paint over it
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thanks for the little bit of help, i think i am going to the hardware store and see if someone can help me
they call og or nothing at all!!
just put the screws back in, it might look cool
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