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China White powders sugar and Black Tar sticks
to the bricks while the mirror lays cracked.
A man is backed, but what army is called upon?
The queen orders heads taken, she must be mistaken.
An ace of spades stabs the suicide jack, taking back
all the deception in place of truth.

Walls breathe upon a body, a hobby taken on
by too many postal service workers.
Want both exes, but one is better, industrialized.
Sit down, grab a bottle, and check out the mottled
ceiling that seems to fall. Float on balloons, and loons
sing in the afternoon. No, this is not a daydream.

Khizennia Voda.

Dearly beloved, between the grasping webs
where my fingers lie, you said there our love shall hold,
forever imbedded between pre-printed palms
where my thoughts belie, you said there a pulse shall last.
Hopelessly condemned between invasion and defeat
where my breaths subside, you said there our touch shall pry,
candidly forced between slightly parted lips
where my words divide, you said there our eyes shall shut,
more boarder-line blurred, between a certain black and white
where my colour collides, you said there our guides shall glaze.
Clearly engrossed beneath the sterile glass contained;
Khizennia Voda; when you said, "That love shall never die."
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.