So im in this band, weve been together for around a month now, and im really debating just quitting because, The second guitarist sucks..

ok maybe he dosent suck, but hes just not at my level, and whenever i try to teach him something, he can never get it, which makes our music sound really lame.

But the problem is that he was the one who started the band, and he is really the main person who gives a ****.. i mean he puts together practices and everything, so we cant really kick him out..

Should i quit? or wait another agonizing year until he gets better. or just deal with it and write him really ****ty guitar parts.
My old band had a bassist/singer who had been playing bass for a week or two, a drummer of a couple yearS (awesome) and Me, The good guitarist.

Now Im in a band with a great guitarist, awesome drummer, and Im the Great bassist.

Being on the same level really helps.
It depends on how bad he actually is. You can still solo while he plays basic rhythms.
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That was pretty much the same situation last year with my band,I was horrible at guitar while our other guitarist was a virtuoso,One year on i'm still not as good as him but i'm wayyy better and we're at the same level now.
It's a tough decision really,I'd say talk to him atleast.
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It all depends on what kind of music you play.
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my best friend (amazing guitarist) and i are good musicians, and cant seem to find another guitarist that can stand with us, were yet to find anyone that can play the rythem parts that we write, its sad really
our drummer has been playing for like 10 months, hes not too great, but we work our way around him, and were just giving him time to work on his instrument
I have a similar band

I'm the good guitarist
Our bassists can't play bass
drummer is ok to say the least
Singer..Sucks. Balls.
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Hmm, yeah, in one of my Bands, where I am the drummer, the bassist isn't very experienced, the singer isn't the greatest either, the gitarrist is pretty ok, he can learn loads of stuff in no time, but he has no soul playing, he doesn't enjoy the notes, if you know what I'm saying...
If I could play the drums, rythm guitar and sing at the same time it would be a lot nicer... Not trying to say I'm awesome or something.

Edit: It's funny how everyone in this thread is the good member of the band, the others probably go around telling that all other members suck.
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well yeah, he even has trouble doing the rythm stuff some of the time.. like hes just really bad with his picking hand,, cant mute very well, or pick too fast.. i mean he can play some simple stuff, plays a lot of ska and stuff but thats about it...

the drummer is pretty good, but i definatley think we could find better.. and i can sing better than the singer, but some of the guitar stuff is too hard to sing with for me.
Maybe you can try working on his stuff with him. Maybe he just needs someone to explain the technique in detail.
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I recently joined a band where the guitarists and drummer are all incredible.

Its really great playing with people at a very advanced skill level. It makes you improve.

The other band i play are awesome, because, while we may not be technically as good, we're much more on the same wavelength.
I used to be in the same situation to a certain extent...except the main person that sucked in my last band was the singer, and we weren't even that good of friends, so there was really nothing to stick out for. The drummer was good, but he had some pretty bad tempo problems. But now, I'm in a band where everyone is on the same level, and it's a hell of a lot more fun...writing songs is no longer pulling teeth. If the guy is your friend, stick it out with him and try to light a fire under his ass to help him learn. I'd talk to the rest of your band about this, too, to see what they want to do.
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