I'm looking for a amp for low gain sounds, like the Matchless DC-30, the plexi, or a pushed twin/bassman/whatever (bit like SRV). Unfortunatly, I don't know much about that territory, so I need your advice.

What's the difference in tone between a cranked plexi and a boosted Fender amp? How does the Trainwreck or the DC-30 compare to that? How about Hiwatt or THD?

I wouldn't mind fenderish cleans =P

So, any advice/clips/whatever?

Would be nice, thanks
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A plexi was originally based on a Fender Bassman circuit, so they sound similar. The speaker arrangement makes a big difference, though.

If you're aiming for a more bright and clean tone, go for a Twin or a Deluxe. They sound amazing. Great for country, but you don't have to go that bright.

A Bassman is a lot bassier (as you may have guessed) and has a sort of rumbling low end as you turn it up.
Well I'd recommend a Fender Tweeed Deluxe (5E3)

Having played one it's perfect for that SRV esque, Texas blues tone, but it's simple to overdrive and get some OD through and breaks up very quickly.
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i've only really tried the thd flexi 50 out of those; it's very, very nice. but at that kind of budget, most things will be very, very nice... EDIT: oh i've tried a hiwatt too, the studio/stage 40/20, it's also very, very nice. but pretty expensive.
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