I have an acoustic that has nato sides and back and I would like to know a little about this wood but I googled and couldnt find anything. Some insight would be nice.

Also Im aware this isnt actually customizing but... I dont know where else it would go.
NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

...probably not what you're looking for though...
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NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

beat me to it
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i really dont know, i've heard its bad, but i havent played one nato guitar myself, but i know bc rich NT guitars are made with that

Nato is a type of mahogany. cheap mahogany. apparently, its used for alot of things, like the packing crates the guitar came in. Its just a cheaper way to make/imitate mahogany i think. Its cost-effective, but doesnt give u the best tone.
It's a whole lot better than agathis though.
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Just another timber they use because it looks like mahogany.
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Nato looks kind of like mahogany. It is stable like mahogany so it's been used for guitar necks for years. Lots of people hae Nato necks on their guitars and don't know it. Nato is quite a bit heavier than mahogany which gives you a tighter sound with more sustain but with less attack. Although it's the low cost alternative to mahogany, it's just as good as mahogany. It's just a little different.
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^ definitely, i love nato, having only seen it on some bc richs but it sounds excellent. i hear nice things about walnut but that's not something i'm ever likely to play lol
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