ok, ive been playing for about 1 1/2 yrs. now and every time i buy a new effect, its a pedal... im sort of confused about rack mounted effects.... why are they called that? whats the difference between pedals and rack mounted effects? is one better then the other? any other info about them and how their different then pedals is also greatly appreciated
I used to swear by floor gear...

Now it's Rack all the way.
I use Behringer (Yes, Behringer & it's good!) Line 6, Marshall & a few others like TC Electronics and I can honestly say, it's much more simple than using pedals.
A good floor board will do you the world of good with the right rack gear.
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rack mounted are as in the name, mounted on a rack. so they aren't on the floor. you set the settings on the rack and will often have a footswitch to turn them on or off and whatnot but not always.

generally they are of a higher quality but are not always as practical
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