Well, most songs, I can play on my guitar, but only when I'm just playing. Same goes for singing, I can sing the song fine, no problem, but when I start trying to play my guitar my singing goes bad or if I try to start singing while playing my guitar it goes bad. So, other than practice, is there any things to help with "multi-tasking"? Any special ways of practicing? Or, is it just select people that can't multi-task? Am I doomed for life? lol Seriously though, any help is appreciated greatly.

Again, I'm sorry if there's a thread on this, I tried searching, but I didn't find anything.
i usually try to get the rhythm down to the point where i can do it in my sleep, then try singing over slowly

your not gonna want to hear this, but it is mostly just practice
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Practice practice practice... Make sure you know both parts perfectly before you combine them...

I do it all the time, you'll get used to it.
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reall pracetice is the only thing, when i have trouble i start off like humming it as i play
then just upscale it to like speaking the lyrics then sing
It's just one of those things that takes practice. One way a friend told me is to treat each word like another "string", so if lyric A takes place during riff A, make sure to sing it when you play the riff, and if you dont get it down treat it like a sour note and start over.

I guess the short version is keep at it. If its any consolation, I have the same problem. The part of my brain that sings and the part of my brain that plays guitar don't work well together
Usually i will get the guitar part memorized, than its not as dificult when putting the vocals into it.
Learn the guitar part well enough to the point where you can talk, not sing, while playing. Like a real conversation. Then it will be easier to sing. Then practice your ass off.
The easiest thing is to try and sing the song in your head(no actual sang words) while you play the rhythm. This will get you used to thinking of the songs melody while you play rhythm. When you feel confident in doing that, try and actually sing the song while you play. Just keep at it, it comes to everyone in time.
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i find that if i have this problem the best way is to break it down bar by bar. play 1 bar maybe 10times over at 50-75% tempo, then go onto the 2nd bar. once i get the 2 bars down, i then join them and it works pretty well. some songs for me r just insane, such as muse's 'plug in baby'. the solo/bridge where he whales on is just a bit too hard for me... for now :P
some people will pick it up easy, I just kinda could do it right away. I can actually improvise while singing, takes a while till you can do that. Also its cuz i'm a lead guitarist and lead singer. So i thought it'd be good to know how to do solo while singing.

Practice, start easy, work up. Learn the guitar part perfect, the singing part perfect, then combine. Start with easy acoustic songs that are just strumming chords.
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I recently started to attempt to sing (I don't think I have the voice to sing anyway) while playing and I started to do this while standing up. It just feels a bit more natural to sing while standing up.

Seek and destroy by Metallica is a good tune to attempt to play and sing since the main riff is easy to play. For Whom the Bell Tolls is another fairly easy one since you are letting the chords ring out a bit.

I think you got to get to the point where you can play stuff with out paying attention, like looking at the TV or something while you play. I need tons more practice before I would let anyone see me try to "sing" and play
i cannot even answer a simple yes or no question while playing with out messing up. i give credit to you guys who can sing while playing
Singing while playing is hard. It's mostly practicing but make sure you're playing something easy enough. At first you can pretty much take 3 years playing experience off of your skill level. Try the acoustic version of Times Like These by the Foo Fighers. That was the first song I learned to sing.
I saw an interview with BB KING at the montreax jazz festival, and he said he doesnt play while he sings, funny thing is after he said that, he looked at his fingers and said"stupid fingers".
That cracked me up.
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im learning how to do this, but my progress is kinda like trying to pass a breathalizer test after drinking a handle of vodka...

it took my forever to learn one song

i found that White Stripes and Nirvana have good songs to practice though
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i had this problem. then i just calmed down and just kept playing even when i messed up. learn how to strum it in a relaxed manner then just strum. once you can strum and sing together you will have less problems with other songs.

3]play while playing the song on a media player.
4]try humming while strumming
5]keep practicing even if you dont feel like your progressing at all.
Practice and only play rhythm while singing. Don't try to play leads while singing. That takes years. But when I first picked up guitar I learned "Basket Case" by Green Day and I could sing/play it at the same time after like ten minutes. That was just me, but who knows. Just practice.
Everlong and Plug in Baby are great starter songs
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