I just got a thing in the mail from the GuitarEdge Magazine. Anyone know if its good? I'm thinking of subscribing for a year but never saw it before so idk if its good or not.
if your in the UK get total magazine, rather good if i do say.
GuitarEdge? Never heard of it...

It depends on where you are, and what mags you can get.

Out of american mags, my favorite is Guitar World. They have everything: interviews with famous people, lessons, cool articles on the history of guitar music, good reviews, a CD with videos and gear demos, and 5 songs transcribed in each issue.

Then there's Guitar Player, which is a lot more serious. It has less famous people giving lessons, with fewer/no songs transcribed. They also review gear which either no-one's ever heard of or no-one can afford.

In the UK:
Guitarist focuses mainly on gear, with one or two songs and a bunch of lessons at the end. It's good if you're planning on buying stuff, but not for learning.

That's why they have GUitar Techniques, this is all about technique wihtout any gear. It's expensive, though.

And there's Total guitar, aimed at a younger audience. They have plenty of transcriptions of popular songs, along with beginner's sections, a few gear reviews and some completely random but interesting info.
guitar edge is almost completely all tabs,,,very little articles and like 10 songs an issue
Thing I found about total guitar is, not really my sorta thing. The thing that got me to buy it tho was backing tracks, and paul gilberts stuff. Both seem to have gone tho, and you only get BT's if you subscribe... Lame.

Guitarist techniques might be worth subscribing to, considering its hard to find in stores.

Guitarist (general) is a quality mag but all about GEAR, well not all, but about 75% of it is.
Total Guitar is a load of shit.

The gear reviews are so incredibly bad it's unbelievable, i feel like i know less after reading them.
The album reviews are as well.
Their lessons are mediocre, they need Paul Gilbert back.
And it's so limited as to what styles it covers, only what's popular is what's in there, i understand that though

Guitar Techniques is my favourite, a lot of variety in every issue, quality lessons for all ages.

Although I'm not biased...