Here's the story. I am 18 and a senior in high school. I also work (although I am probably going to quit my job) and am in the drama program and Oxfam. My schedule's usually pretty tight because of this, and I usually don't have a lot of free time in between everything I'm doing. However, I have wanted to be in a band since my sophomore year, but due to my schedule and a variety of other things I never got the chance to put much effort into it. I tried to have a band in my junior year with a few friends, but we only got a few practices in before we all realized we didn't have the time.

I've tried to get people on craigslist occasionally, but the only people who responded were always too far away from me and were all guitarists who thought they could play bass (I'm a guitarist). Being in a band has been very, very important for me, but I've kept putting it off and now I feel it's too late. Should I start a band this year, or just wait until college and see what I can do then?
well if you can devote time to it (not all your time but enough to satisfy you and whoevers in your band with you) then definatly, it really improves you as a musician and a guitarist and you progress faster than just playing by yourself i find. Also its just great to play with other musicians, i say go for it
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go for it! Try finding people by putting up flyers in Local Music Stores, or just asking your friends.

At your Drama program, you should be able to find some musicians!

where do you live anyways?
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I live in Framingham, MA, about an hour from Boston. (In New England, we measure distance as time. Go figure.)

Anyway, I did do that a while ago, and I didn't really get much luck. I'll probably make some more flyers for Guitar Center and the local stores, but I guess a lot of teenagers don't really want to join bands or are already in them.

The only reason I pose this question is that I haven't had much luck in the past, and even if people do want to join I don't know if I will have time. I was thinking about having a band in college because it is easier to find people, but I want to have some sort of band before I graduate.