I've known this guitar player for a couple years and we've jammed a few times and he's an okay guitarist... But what I didn't know is that he's never used a pick. The guy uses his fingernail. He doesn't play fingerstyle like classical and stuff, he plays the stuff that you'd normally use a pick with. He substitutes a pick with his fingernail. He plays blues, classic rock, and some metal. Anyone else do this?
how does he reach metal speeds with his fingernail? i can play w/o a pick,but for metal it seems pretty painful
Can he do pinch harmonics?

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He probs plays like bass players and uses more than 1 finger for each. I do that sometimes but if i fingerpick i tend to do it properly, thumb 1st 3, then a finger for each of the strings below
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Can he do pinch harmonics?

A little bit, not really...
I could probably though, I have my acoustic with my right now though so I'd have to go and setup my electric to try it. Playing 'pickless' is just like using your pick, except you're striking the string with your nail.
my friend does that. but he's a wab when it comes to guitar anyway.

him: "show me how to do pinch harmonics"
me: "you won't be able to do them well without a pick"
him: "i'm not talking about picking i mean pinch harmonics"
me: "yes.. and i mean you need a plectrum to do it well"
him: "whatever just show me"
*shows him... he can't get it*
him: "there, that's a pinch harmonic it just doesn't sound like it because i'm not using an amp"

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well, not me....but, kevin eubanks from the tonight show does that...
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I did it at one point atleast around 6 months I think, tried to play Master of Puppets without a pic and I did but not very cleanly and the end resulted with my finger nail breaking and having to blurt out blood.
When playing blues or folk I use just my fingers. I can get up to great speeds moving up and down strings with my fingers, the only time I use a pick for blues is when I am tempted to use pinch harmonics.

When playing jazz, I hybrid pick. I hold my pick and finger pick while comping, then when it hits a solo I use the pick, and sometimes my middle finger to hit a string above.
I started out doing that but I've been trying to get used to using a pick, because it's supposedly "better".
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Can he do pinch harmonics?

When i can't find a pick i play without, usually for some blues improv though.

And, i can do pinch harmonics with out a pick.
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I lose my picks too often, so I have to substitute by using my fingers.

I mostly play goth though, so my fingernails don't fall off after playing a few songs.
uh...do you know how easy it is to play without a pick? its just alot easier, and gets a harder hit with a pick.

hold your thumb and finger like you're holding a pick, then extend your finger more, and VOILA!!! you've got a finger pick.
or if you have long nails, just file your nail to a triangle shape and you've got a pick attached to your finger!!! brilliant isnt it?

but yeah...i use a pick, but could EASILY play without one...
and pinch harmonics are ez pz without a pick as well....maybe its just me, idk, but
im fine either way, just prefer to use my little JD Jazz III picks
pinch harmonics can be achieved with or without a pick, it's a question of technique, you don't need a pick.
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pinch harmonics can be achieved with or without a pick, it's a question of technique, you don't need a pick.


There are many different ways of getting harmonics, so a pick isn't necessary (it can make them easier though).
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the guitarist in my band doesn't understand how i do pinch harmonics, because i use my nails. but its so easy i can often do it by accident.

using your fingernails is a lot easier and more convenient imo, if they break they just grow back, and you always have 4 more "backup" picks. also pick gnomes can't steal them.
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Mark Knopfler anyone?

He hardly uses a pick, and he's up there with the best.
^+1 on the big stubbies, I use the 3.00 guage, they'll never quit on me. And to stay relevant to the thread, I usually like to hybrid pick, helps with all thing except tremolo picking, and the last time I was at a blues jam there was a very good, and fast, guitar player who only used his fingers, so it is possible.
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i play pickless if im doing something really acoustic and soft, but otherwise im playing punk, and it needs that extra punch that you get from a pick
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