Hey guys, I am going to get a guitar by my parents this weekend
Which one should i get?
I like to play rock such as
Linkin Park
Led Zeppelin
Black Label Society
The White Stripes
Guns 'N Roses

and more

but you get the idea

I've PLAYED guitar before, I KNOW the basics,I'm just not good at it
I can barely play a solo so I need to learn
Also recommend an AMP PLEASE and MORE other stuff that i NEED to get
Oh, and some other stuff as well
Because this is my first time getting a guitar ( for myself)
The first time i got a guitar was actually when my uncle bought a package for me
it was some ibanez starter package..I never played it so i gave it away
But ppl are recommending me not to buy packages..

I have around$400- $500 to spare
If you're just starting out, buy something cheap like a Squier Strat and some small solid state amp, or something like that. You don't need expensive things when you start out.
Epiphone Les Paul, Roland Micro cube? (I've fallen a little behind on the latest practice amps) and picks and such

you'll be set in no time!

Plus, this should be in GG&A
You can look into the Yamaha Pacifica series, and something like a Roland Cube 15, and I strongly recommend buying used.

As for accessories:
Picks (the cheap/free ones from the store should be fine. Remember, you WILL lose your picks so don't invest too much money in them at first)
A tuner (tuning by ear is important, but supplementing that with a tuner is fine. Korg makes some cheap ones)
A stand (guitars cry when they fall)
A gig bag if you plan on taking it places
Some optionals are a strap and a capo, though death metal isn't exactly a capo-heavy genre.
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I learned it all on my dad's old epiphone and then bought an Ibanez. I wouldn't buy that guitar again if I were in the position with my knowledge. Why not get a rather good guitar from the start if you actually have the money. That's it if you know you'll play guitar for a long time.

Because most of us bought a pretty decent/crap guitar as a starter and I guess most of us have bought or plan to buy a new one in the future.
Wrong place? but id say seeing as though you didnt like the Ibanez, get a Strat, but not a squire or get a epi les paul
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Go for an epiphone or a squire. Spend a good $100-$150 on an amp and get some decent cables.

Yamaha Pacifica. The tremolo can be taken off if it's not your style.