If I were to buy a B52 At212, is there any way I could mod the third channel to get a little bit more gain, and mod the clean channel with a switch to give it more gain for some bluesy breakup? And how would I go about doing that? Help would be much appreciated!
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Sounds like you need an Ibanez TS9. Give you blues on the clean channel, and gives you that extra push on the Od channels.
ooh i really want that amp badly, i think the gain level should be fine, but eh who cares it'll be your amp...
anyways sounds liek fun hopefully you can get someone to tell you how, all i can think ofis getting an external pedal, but that doesnt help...
That's a pretty cool site, thanks! It is very expensive though, but it does give me some ideas though. BTW, if anyone has the schematics for one of the AT models, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send them to me!
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