Wow, this fit my mood perfectly. Really beatuifull and mellow.
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very nice man, how'd you record your electric guitar? (what kind of amp?) its a very nice tone!! the only thing i can think of to crit is that the electric guitar gets buried sometimes by the acoustic (when you start panning the electric...when it stays in the middle it sounds fine.)
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I've got one word for you: Beautiful. Great job man. I love the tone, it's a very nice tune, and played very well.
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Wow...the two guitars at the beggining really complimented each other. I have a 12 string acoustic. What make is yours? Mines an Aria elecro acoustic. You want to get a better mic, the acoustic sounds too tinny. Lovely chord progressions though ! i really like it. Very moody music. Keep goin!

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thank you for the comments. I am using a very crappy mic, its my only option so that explains the tingy tone on my acoustic. I have a Yamaha 12 string I'm not really sure what else to call it beyond that. And I'll take a look at all of your music when I have time.
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I like this, kind of reminds me of something Opeth would put out.

I really like the electrics tone.
Like the others said, great job blending the acoustic and electric tones. Very nice.
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