yeah...don't know if many people will go to this...but this band is sa-weeeet, they're sorta like...grindcore or something it's quite debated.
in your opinion who do you think is better? bear of fox?, im not really sure...i like the guy who did the stuff on Parasite...This was a tradgedy's screaming wan't as good at all i think...maybe it was just the production
I got in trouble for typing in big "retard" font.
I can prove it.
We're sorry to inform you that you've got a warning from xifr. In fact, here is the exact reason for the warning: 'I can type in big retard font!' - derogatory use of retard and no one cares.

Notice the part that says "derogatory use of retard and no one cares."
If no one cared I would have never gotten an email from ultimate guitar warning me to not do it again.

I'm sorry Ultimate-Guitar. I didn't mean anything by it.
I plays guitars.
Wooh. Your names nolan too. I don't see many people with my name.

They came by my town when Bear was in the band.............meh
i love see you next tuesday but theyre not real grind

i miss bear :[

In an interview when asked about the departure of Bear, their former vocalist, guitarist Drew explained that he left for health reasons. "Bear left for a number of reasons, the main reason being his health. On the last tour he did with us he had a lot of chest pain and felt really weak by tour's end. He went to the hospital and found out his lungs were only working at a fraction of what they should have been. His doctor told him that his only option was to stop screaming, which was actually the second time he had been told. This time he thought it best to listen."

intense inhales were intense

and fox is a good replacement but i think he was better in fleshandbloodrobot and bear was better for CUNT
See You Next Tuesday aren't grind, they're just a boring metalcore band.
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More guitar, less Ultimate-Guitar.
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as much as people think they are grind
i honestly think they fit better in the hardcore forum
alot better.
They're fun live, at least at the show I was at, they played a house show, and everyone was packed in the room, really nice experience.