hi, sorry but this is a bit urgent. errm, my brother's just turned on our main family computer and it comes up with an error saying

"windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


i dont think theres anything we can do but reinstall windows, am i right?

haha, sorry to disappoint, though hopefully your idea will inspire someone to
Your probably right there! It appears taht a pretty importabt file is, for use of a better word, ****ed.
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Reboot lots of times might solve the problem temporarily. If not, reinstalling windows will work, but it'll probably come back. Get a new harddisk.
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Is it a "blue screen of death"? Because if its that you are f*cked
You can try to reinstall or reboot a few times
But only reinstall if your ok with loosing everything on the hard drive. Try to boot off another hard drive or a live CD so you can recover at least something.
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boot off an install disk(f12 or f8 on startup i think )and choose to repair your drive rather than reinstall windows entirely,that way u wont lose all your stuff
He doesn't have to lose everything with reinstalling windows you noobs..

Install windows via bios and choose not to format the drive where you want it. or get a new hard disk and install windows in that disk but still keep your other files in your other disk.
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