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Me and my band are in search of some new mics for live performance.
Which is better, AKG or SHURE?

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☺Martin - .11guage.
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Depends on the specific mic.

You can always use both
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For micing up a amp, a Shure Sm 57 is never a bad choice.
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Shure. I stand by their mics. The 57 is my favorite for mic'ing my amp, and the 58 is my favorite vocal mic of all time.
different mics have different uses, different qualities and such that make them unique, what you are asking is apples and oranges.
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SM58 is way over rated but the 57 is awesome. Shure make the best mics.

cause they are soooooooo different. they are practically the exact same mic, the 58 just has a windscreen on the front. if i remember correctly, they have almost exactly the same frequency response (if not exactly the same). i cant understand why one is said to be so much better than the other.

and shure doesnt make the best mics, cause there is no 'best'. its all a matter of opinion and what the mic is voiced for. i wouldnt use a sm57 for studio vocals and i wouldnt use a high end ribbon mic for live vocals.