Right, well this october holiday i decided to paint my guitar, but not in the normal way, but with the swirl effect used on some jems. Probably not the best idea as Ive never painted a guitar before. Anyway, right now the guitar has been dipped, so the swirl is on and it looks sweet as, but I have no idea what to use for the clear coats! does anybody know?? ps. i used enamel paints for the swirl.
heres a link to the pics.

mick. ps u may have seen this before, i posted it in the wrong place!
looks badass.
i dont like your choice of colours though.
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You'll need to find out if it's oil based, acryilic or latex based.
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You'll need to find out if it's oil based, acryilic or latex based.

Hey, well ive read that the paints i used were oil paints. but ive also been told that acyllic is compatible with enamel.
Wow, i can tell the colours would look better if the pic was taken with a better camera, but great job!